Calling in Fellow Hustlers

As a Designer & Independent Contractor, I’ve prioritized working with individuals and brands focused on improving human interactivity, community engagement, and elevating representation for my queer and bi/poc siblings. 

I started doing freelance because I wanted to take control over the types of projects I gave my time and energy to, while ensuring some variety in what I spend my time doing (I’m not the type of person who enjoys working on the same thing every day, as you might be able to tell, from poking around my website). As a full-time freelance designer, I’ve been blessed & able to carry out this work with a wide range of clients, including nonprofits, start-ups, independent artists, community organizers, musicians, colleges, small businesses and inter-national corporations. 

Over the past 8 years, I’ve built a business out of connecting with people in my community and beyond, and helping them tell their story; whether that be through bringing their new company to life with a new logo design, creating a short film to explain what they’re about (or what they’ve accomplished over the years), or a building them a new website to give their business a virtual platform as we all adapted to the changing times during this pandemic.

Till now, I have been a Sole Proprietor, and thus, worn all the hats: Creative Director, Accountant, Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics Artist, Photographer, Web Designer, Social Media Manager etc. I do have a lot to offer, but no matter how many hats I wear, I am still one person, so there are limits to the amount of work I can take on. Plus, I would like to invest more time in my own artmaking and ventures. Equally, I have come to truly be amazed by the people and projects I’m asked to work on, and rather than turn them away, I thought it would be good to see who else is out there that I can split this creative pie with. 

I’ve now come to a place in my business ownership where I would like to call in support to compliment my work efforts, as we collectively secure a bigger bag. 

Notes on working with me:

My work style is this: I listen to my body and wake up when it’s time to— but when it’s time to work, I work hard, so I can then relax hard later. I generally work from 11am-6pm on weekdays, and all positions are WFH, part-time, with flexible hours, and will allow you (really, us) to be able to have a healthy work-life balance. As it is WFH I don’t have a preference on where you’re located, though I have found that having similar working hours is helpful for maintaining successful project flow, in working with teams. I’ve also learned that work relationships are still relationships, and for things to run smoothly (or not stall out entirely), everyone needs to treat it like one and make a concerted effort to be on the same page. If you’ve read this far, you are now aware that I can write a LOT of notes, because I like & value clarity. Thus, our first interview / meeting will be to see primarily if we can be a good fit in terms of work ethic & communication styles. 

As I am looking primarily for semi-seasoned collaborators, experience is required. I’m looking at you, fellow hustlers. This would be a great opportunity for someone who already does freelance but needs more work, or someone with industry experience who wants to start doing freelance working on projects for really dope people who do really great things for community. However, if you are newer to the field, know that I’m open to you learning on the job if the chemistry is there.


Job description:
    • Assist in vetting new projects & client onboarding  
    • Correspond with clients via onboarding email address (provided), transcribe feedback to associated trello boards, and assign tasks to appropriate team member

        • Weekly meetings as needed with Design Director & activated team during open projects
        • Attend meetings as needed with clients & design director to take notes & log tasks
        • Task & Calendar management
        • Creation & organization of workflows
        • Following up with team to ensure projects flow as planned 
        • Following email threads and assigning tasks to relevant workflows & person responsible, as they come in
        • Bonus points if you have some knowledge of graphic design, motion graphics & web design
        • Part-time Work, flexible hours
        • Weekends off
        • $30-40/hr depending on experience or up to $400/month


      Job description:
        • Create & update branded assets based on direction or branding provided by Lead Designer
            • Creating & translating wireframes to drafted designs Assist in concept drafts & market research

                  • Take drafted designs created by lead designer and work through rounds of copy edits with the client to bring it to fruition. 
                  • Attend weekly meetings as needed with Lead Designer & Project Manager during open projects
                  • Actively check-in with designated Project Management board to keep up to date on Task & Calendar
                  • Part time Work, flexible hours
                      • Weekends offwork from home
                    • $25-35 per hour depending on experience, skill, and availability
                  Must have:
                    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
                        • Excellent time management and organizational skills.
                        • A passion for efficient and thoughtful design
                        • Consistent access to wifi
                        • Your own computer or access to secure workspace with Adobe Creative Suite CC (If you don't have access we can work out a rate adjustment to add you to my account)

                  If this is you, email your resume & work samples to me at