Saltwater People

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Client: The Pōpolo Project, documenting the first Saltwater People rooftop party series.

From their website:

Saltwater People
A new tide is coming in
Saltwater People is a monthly rooftop party that celebrates the global flow of Black cultures with music you won’t hear anywhere else in Honolulu. A mixture of genre-breaking live music, DJ sets, vendors, food, and learning, Saltwater People brings the flavors of African and Pacific diasporas together where our lineages and histories converge here in Hawai‘i.
The Black Pacific poet and scholar Teresia Teaiwa writes, "We sweat and cry salt water, so we know that the ocean is really in our blood.” The name "Saltwater People" comes from an old practice among African diaspora communities in the western Atlantic to describe people born in Africa or on the ocean voyage as "saltwater Negroes" or "saltwater Creoles." Here in Hawai‘i, however, we are all saltwater people. The ocean links us and is a source of our nourishment, sustenance, healing, and joy. A new tide is coming in. Come through.



music: "Good to me" by MAryanne ito

Commissioned by The Pōpolo Project

FEATURing performances by

MaryAnne ItO


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