Varnika: a sanserif display typeface

VARNIKA is a marraige of the organic sweeps and tight-knit architecture of devanagari calligraphy, with the simple and crisp geometry of modern sans serif typefaces.

The miniscule features simple, open and welcoming round characters, paired with neat and extended-height vertical stem characters; offering both interest and legibility even at smaller point sizes.

An intriguing majuscule features sensuously organic, flowing, swashes, which are neatly balances by the rotundity and simplicity of the miniscule. Varnika’s extreme vertical bars both break and adhere to the grid with ease, making it the perfect display font for clean and geometrically interesting presentations. A vast variety of glyphs and ligatures allow Varnika’s beautiful architecture to shine in this whimsical, legible display typeface by Openi.