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See yourself reflected in everyone you interact with. Even in all our cultural nuance and unique life experiences, we have a lot more in common than our programming suggests. Finding common ground is one of the bases for communication, and ultimately, the ability to work and share space together.

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"SAMESAME" is the exhibition t-shirt, and 1 of 5 pieces of Cultural Fabric, designed as a part of The Abstract's debut art exhibition, titled: SAMESAME: Hong Kong Series.

Samesame: Hong Kong Series is a 3-part exhibit featuring photographic & installation works by Lala Openi & M.O.M.B (together known as 'The Abstract').

The 2nd part of the series, titled Cultural Fabric is a streetwear line designed to portray the way various aspects, or threads, of our identities as diasporic people are worn in a contemporary landscape.

SAMESAME: Hong Kong Series was set to open March 19th, 2020 in Oakland, CA at Oakstop14, but has been postponed due to the shelter-in-place mandate to prevent against the spread of Covid-19, which effectively shut down all 'non-essential' businesses & events, and requiring Bay Area residents to stay inside except for 'essential' needs.

We are affirming that everything is on time, and that when this blows over we will emerge reborn after having time to do some internal work, ready to share space and reflect together about our shared experiences.


The Abstract is a podcast & resource for self-investigation & mental health.

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