Feel your Feels.

As humans, we shape things with our hands. Hands represent work, both hard and delicate. From Shadows is a series of paintings and internal dialogue documenting my journey through shadow work over a period of 7 months.

Each of the pieces in From Shadows represents a different stage of healing.

The gold in each piece from From Shadows represents one's chi / life force / energy being conjured, made malleable, and channeled by the self.

NRG is a representation of the first stage of healing: collecting self, emotions, experiences. Anguish, feelings of “why,” calling upon memories from the past is often painful, but important in the process of letting go.

Mixed media large scale paintings are accompanied by personal journal entries, notes on dealing with disappointment, affirmations, love letters, and doodles which have all played an integral part in the process of my healing through shadow work.

If life keeps asking us the same questions, we’re not learning the lesson we’re supposed to. Transcend is about owning up to all the emotions brought up from experiences past & present, and dealing with the source of those feelings— or else, keep reliving them.

After 7 months of shadow work, Let Go comes from a place of gratitude for the lessons learned, and forgiving self for needing to learn them. Past series of events became more clear, and I was finally able to be present, happy, and rooted enough to think forward.

All pieces as well as limited edition custom prints will be available for sale during my solo showing of From Shadows at Hound & Quail From 2/17/16 - 4/3/16, as well as in my shop.

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