A short film series & campaign design for Hack the Hood

"CTRL+Shift is a video project that uplifts the challenges, successes, and nuanced life experiences of professionals of color working in tech.

Created so at-promise Bay Area youth can see themselves reflected in an industry which is taking over an increasingly gentrified Bay Area, CTRL+Shift gifts them a competitive  edge and confidence to pursue a career which allows them to prosper in the place where they were born and raised."

— Hack the Hood


Direction | hack the hood
Cinematography |  openi & Taylor Mosley
Editing & Motion Graphics | Openi
Production | charmaine Davis & sasha kelley
branding & graphic design | Openi
Featured | Xango Eyeé, Adrian Octavius-Walker, air takata-vasquez, tiffany shumate, isa herico, anwar bey-taylor, Melissa Im, Talia Taylor, and Anthony holloway
filmed at | alena museum in Oakland, ca

The full series includes: Intersectional Techie + Growing Up in Richmond: Xango Eyeé, Self-Driven Dreamer: Anwar Bey-Taylor, Passion to Profit: Ari Takata-Vasquez, CTRL+Shift: Codeswitching, Pheonix + Dormant Skill: Adrien Octavius Walker.


Photography from the live screening launch celebration via Hack the Hood


canon 5d mk2
40mm, 85mm
premiere pro
After Effects


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