“U” is a confession. A love letter. A reflection. A monologic declaration of love. A telling of a tale of the evolution of a deep infatuation.


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#FilmAboutU makes its multi-island Hawai'i debut at Hawaii International Film Festival in Nov 2017!

OAHU x Dole Cannery D - Nov 4, 2017
BIG ISLAND x Hilo Palace Theater - Nov 18, 2017
KAUAI x Waimea Theater - Nov 19, 2017

Through spoken word, we follow Openi — an introverted, introspective, Chinese-diasporic queer on the cusp of a solar return — as they reflect on the nuances and intricacies of the relationship between their lover and themself.

This autobiographical self-portrait explores themes of lust, idealism, non-attachment, and the notion of the meeting of soul-mates as both an intensely gratifying and autodidactic experience.

This film was written, produced, performed, and executed by QTPOC, API and POC cast and crew in Honolulu, HI.

Written & Produced | Lala Openi
Featuring | Lala Openi, Kainoa Makua
Videography | Tee Goda, Kaleipumehana, Ranyl Panarigan, Jen May Pastores

On-Set Coach | Alejandra Alexander
Scoring | Jabari Prevost


Upcoming Screenings

Hawaii International Film Festival
November 2-12, 2017
TBD, Honolulu, HI

Past Screenings

Night Light: Divine Revolution
August 25-26, 2017 
SomArts, San Francisco, CA

Urban x Indigenous: Keep it Pushin'
June 11, 2017
SomArts, San Francisco, CA

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