Valentines to

  My Ancestors



V2MA is an act of love in ancestor worship; challenging
the way 
we channel our love & energy, think of holidays,
and what we’re taught to celebrate.

Valentines to My Ancestors is a submission-based qti/poc collection of  messages-in-a-bottle (read: written and visual messages of love) to our ancestors, elders, roots, where we've come from.

By channeling our love in a non-romantic way, we are flipping the script through reconnecting & strengthening those bonds as opposed to fleeting commercial holiday photo-ops.


This project is for peoples interested in decolonizing our cultural practices by strengthening ties with their roots. Indigenous peoples who are interested in uncovering or preserving their heritage that has been lost to capitalism. People who are tired of the same ol corporate holiday candies-and-chocolate mess and want to do something a bit more personal (and yet at the same time… universal!). 


Join me for the V2MA Launch Party 2/2/18 @ ATG in HNL

#ChineseNewYear Celebration includes Year of the Dog in-store lion dance
#FLIP THE SCRIPT #decolonize #ValentinesDay! All valentines can be added to an ongoing collection of QTI/POC loving on our roots.Add your message to the bottle !
#FREE CRAFTS Make your own valentine to an ancestor!
#BYOF Community Alter!
Bring some stuff for the alter as we invite our ancestors to join us for some loving & celebratioN (think flowers, candles, photos)


Feb 2nd 2018
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1145 Bethel Street
Honolulu, HI 96813




“When an elder dies, a library burns down…”

— When my grandfather passed away, I was filled with deep sadness; not only at his life cycle coming to a close, but at the idea that I would never fully know his story, OUR story… how we got here, how he felt about not being able to even talk to his grandchildren because we spoke different languages, what it felt like for him to escape Japanese occupation…. There’s so much I want to ask him, and now I’m left to unroot our family’s history by piecing together fragments of the picture by way of historical accounts, books about other peoples experiences, whatever bits & pieces family members remember or were told. 

While this is how my story has unfolded, I know there are countless others who have been blessed with the opportunity to get to know their elders and their history before it was too late. And still others, who will never get to know. We all have a different relationship with our roots and our history, but one thing is for sure: whatever our story, it is important, and worth documenting! This is an open invitation to say whatever, to whoever, about whatever in a way that feels healing for YOU. 
This is a safe space to reach out to loved ones or distant relatives in order to say what you need to. 


Want to add your message to the bottle?

name, pronouns, age, and where you're from
who you is!
(you’re welcome, but not required, to use the prompts for ideas/inspo, if you need to)
hi-res scan of your visual artwork (that you own/make yourself/have the rights to use & share) pertaining to your ancestors, roots, heritage and your relationship there of. This can be photos of you with them, photos of them, collages etc. (1-5 images submitted as a hi-res .png, .jpg)


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